The NCAA ruled that teams could schedule twelve regularseason games (up from eleven) beginning in the 2006 season. (NCAA teams in Alaska and Hawaii, and their home opponents, are allowed to schedule an extra game over and above this limit.)

Instant replay is now officially sanctioned and standardized. All plays are reviewed by the replay officials as the play occurs. They may call down to the onfield officials to stop play if they need extra time to make a review. Each coach may also make one challenge per game. In the case of a coach's challenge, the coach must have at least one timeout remaining. If the challenge is upheld the coach gets the timeout back but the challenge is spent. If the challenge is rejected, both the challenge and the timeout are spent.

This rule change has resulted in controversy, highlighted by the matchup between Wisconsin and Penn State on November 4, 2006, in which Wisconsin deliberately went offsides on two consecutive kickoffs to run extra time off the clock at the close of the first half.[10]

On a change of possession, the clock starts when the referee marks the ball ready for play, instead of on the snap.

The referee may no longer stop the game due to excessive crowd noise.

When a liveball penalty such as an illegal formation occurs on a kick, the receiving team may choose either to add the penalty yardage to the end of the return or require the kick to be attempted again with the spot moved back. Previously, only the latter option was available.

If a team scores at the end of the game, they will not kick the extra point unless it would affect the outcome of the game.

This matchup was more significant sentimentally than competitively. This was Northwestern's first game after the unexpected death of head coach Randy Walker, who was also the winningest head coach in Miami history.

September 2After a shocking 56 season last year, Volunteers coach Phillip Fulmer sought to assure the Tyvon Branch Elite Jersey Knoxville faithful that it was only an aberration. Cal sought to validate its highest preseason ranking in a halfcentury. wins easily.

Ohio State

Ohio State and were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in several polls entering this game. Ohio State goes into and wins with ease, ending the 21game winning streak the Longhorns had entering Tyvon Branch Authentic Jersey the game. The Buckeyes would hold onto the No. 1 ranking the rest of the season.